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We will guide each individual carefully in order to make them achieve success in education.
For Graduate Schools
We will guide students to keep a frim grasp on the research subject, research plan and suggestion of contacting with the professor. Otherwise, we will lead students go into training of reading and unscrambling subject books. Before the admission examination, oral quiz and interviewing will be guided to be prepared for.
For Universities
For the sake of improving the performance of EJU(Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students), students will be trained completely. Prolific themes will be diagnosed precisely in order to choose the college that who'd like to attend. The guidance of application and the training of interview will be held.
For Technical Schools
Due to the specialties of colleges are widely distributed. Students will be recommended joining the briefing session and a converse will be held with the teacher to discuss the choice of specialties and colleges. We also have training and guidance for EJU and admission application and interview.

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