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学園長・校長:佐澤 敏秀
    Every year students from all over the world come to the Japanese Language School of The Tokyo Froeign Language Academy (Tokyo Gaigogakuen Nihongogakko; TGN) to study Japanese. Each individual spends their time as a student in Japan cherishing their hopes and dreams for the future. The world is increasingly becoming a global society and, despite the existence of georaphical boundaries, individual countries can no longer act in isolation when resolving issues of interaction, economic activities and the environment.
     I established the Japanese Language School of The Tokyo Foreign Language Academy in 1983 in accordance with the School Education Law with the aims of helping students from all over the world realize their hopes of entering Japanese institutions of higher education and creating a place of intercultural exchange where young people from every country can interact with one another through the study of the Japanese language.
     Each and every staff member at our school gives their utmost effort in supporting hte needs of the students during their time here. We look forward to meeting you at TGN.
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