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  President's Mepssage
Every year students from all over the world come to the Japanese Language School of The Tokyo Froeign Language Academy (Tokyo Gaigogakuen Nihongogakko; TGN) to study Japanese. Each individual spends their time as a student in Japan cherishing their hopes and dreams for the future. The world is increasingly becoming a global society and, despite the existence of georaphicall . .(read more)
Visa Application Proxy
Students studying at Japanese language schools must renew their visas every year. The school is authorized to send staff to the Immigration Bureau as proxies for students applying to have their student visas renewed; thus eliminating the need for students to go to the Immigration Bureau every year.
東京都知事認可・東京外語学園日本語学校 |住所:東京都北区浮間3-19-21 〒115-0051
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