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1.Enligntened Teaching
    The textbooks we use are selected according to each student's learning history and Japanese language ability with the aim of teaching students "Japanese they can use" ; in other words, ensuring that each student obtains a balance of abilities in reading, hearing,writing and speaking Japanese and is able to communicate in "living" Japanese that is actually used by Japanese people today. The school also takes advantage of audiovisual aids such as animation to help students progress to the point where they are able to naturally engage in daily conversation.
2.Educational Progress at Your Own Pace
    TGN offers electives in either English or Mathematics for students wishing to advance to higher learning facilities such as post-graduate schools. We also provide individual guidance to students, including through a system offering vocational school experience, and are proud of the high rate of students who advance to insitutions of higher learning. TGN also has in place a recommendatiomn system to specified universities and vocational schools.
3.Abundant Intercultural Activites
    TGN offers a welth of intercultural activites, including home stay, "Free Talking" with volunteer Japanese national, our "Teacher for a Day" program which invites Japanese other than Japanese language teachers to be a teacher for the day, and Christmas Parites held at the end of the year to which Japanese people are invited.
4.Student Discount Train Passes
    There are approximately 200 Japanese language schools in Tokyo but only around 10% are certified under the school Education Law. Our school is one such certified school, which allows students to use a student discount train pass when traveling to and from school and also makes them eligible for student discounts on transportation facilities when traveling around Japan.
5.Ideal Learning Environment
    Our campus is located in Kita-ku, in the northern part of Tokyo in a quiet residential area next to Ukima Park which is famous for the Arakawa River, wild birds and cherry blossoms. The location is extramely convenient, being a mere 16 minutes by train from the closest station to the busy downtown area of Shinjuku.
    The school supports students through its own TGN Scholarship System as well as through the Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students offered by the Japan Student Services Organization under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
7.Visa Application Proxy
    Students studying at Japanese language schools must renew their visas every year. The school is authorized to send staff to the Immigration Bureau as proxies for students applying to have their student visas renewed; thus eliminating the need for students to go to the Immigration Bureau every year.
佐澤 敏秀
Toshihide Sazawa
佐澤 英子
Eiko Sazawa

Director of Curricullum & Instruction Higher Education Councelor
鬼木 裕子
Hiroko Oniki
Intercultural Communication Administrator

Yuko Sato
宮下 智子
Tomoko Miyashita
江田 朗子
Akiko Koda
相川 弓映
Yumie Aikawa
池内 英夫
Hideo Ikeuchi
釼持 嘉一
Yoshikazu Kenmochi
金子 真紀子
Makiko Kaneko
森谷 智美
Tomomi Moriya
五十嵐 友喜枝
Yukie Igarashi
宇津木 晶
Akira Utsuki
田中 瑞穂
Mizuho Tanaka
今井 志保子
Shihoko Imai
青山 豐
Yutaka Aoyama
西山 陽子
Yoko Nishiyama
小原 千佳
Chika Obara
大輪 香菊
Kagiku Oowa

Director of Admissions and Records

三成 芳子
Yoshiko Mitsunari
佐澤 幸恵
Sachie Sazawa
渡部 君江
Kimie Watabe
Director&Adviser of
Student's Building

三成 一雄
Kazuo Mitsunari
有吉 恵
Megumi Ariyoshi
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